The Audio-vore

Sundays 10pm - 12pm

Dedicated to the art of sound

Hosted by Lee Shook, The Audiovore is a theme-based radio program that aims to serve as a guided tour through various strains of modern music with an emphasis on contextualization of both artists and genres within a larger historical framework. Tracing the roots/antecedents of everything from progressive rock, cutting edge jazz, and folk-based idioms, to hip-hop and the avant-garde, the program will aim to educate listeners on the myriad ways in which all sounds are connected. Focusing on both well known artists as well as lesser known cult heroes, the program hopes to expose Birmingham Mountain Radio's audience to a wide assortment of some of the most innovative and exciting music ever recorded. Featuring on-air performances and interviews with both local and traveling artists, guest DJs and contributors for topical discussions, and information about upcoming shows and events, the Audiovore wants to keep you in the know about the latest rumblings in the world of contemporary music.

"If you got ears, you gotta listen."- Don Van Vliet

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