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Scott Register has spent a lifetime listening. Forever in search of the quintessential musical outlet to appeal his discerning, ranging tastes, Register's evolving career in music began in his teenage years where he was know as a music dealer of sorts - "rolling tapes" for friends who wanted a sample of what Reg deemed hip and hot. Today, he continues to disseminate this vibe via his tailor-made radio show, Reg's Coffeehouse (Sundays 10AM-2PM) and Morning Drive show, The Morning Blend With Reg (M-F 6-10AM).

Through the shows Register has found it to be much easier and certainly more interesting to create his own place in music and on the radio. So every Sunday morning from January 1997 to February 2010, Register immersed himself into his self-made musical cocoon of doing what comes naturally - imparting his inherent knowledge and passion for music onto his band of faithful listeners. As he determinedly and admittedly marches to the beat of his own drum, he has uncovered many like him following the quest for "good, real, honest" music.

Scott Register has been described as laid back, tuned in, honest and respected. A man who knows his music. He is certainly all that. He is also, admittedly, just a guy who loves music. And most impressively, a guy who has transformed his enthusiasm for music into a viable, exciting career.


Monday - Friday
10 AM - 2 PM

A native of Cadiz, Kentucky, Dru Cunningham first aired at age 16 on WKDZ, then known as Buzzard Rock 106. Dru came recommended by her high school speech team coach, Nancy McKinney, when program director Jeff Turley needed a minimum wage staffing solution. Dru was State Champion in the radio broadcasting event of the Kentucky High School Speech Association, and this distinction was the chief factor when program director Dave Rossi made the decision to hire her as a weekend announcer on Birmingham’s beloved and influential 107.7 the X. During the X’s heyday, Dru particularly favored the music featured on the specialty show Reg’s Coffeehouse, and host Scott Register asked if she would cover for the show on weekends when business called him out of town.

Reg’s and Dru’s partnership has survived multiple metamorphoses of the radio industry. The show persisted through the demise of the X, to its place on the soft rock format station 94.5, then to its incarnation as the cornerstone of WWMM, Live 100.5.

Now Birmingham Mountain Radio has established itself as the solution to the void of inspired music on the radio, and Dru is committed to preserving and supporting Birmingham’s place in the American music picture. Prior to joining the staff of the Mountain, she hosted a minimally supervised love dedications show on WLTS in New Orleans, volunteered at public radio KCRW in Los Angeles, and was on triple A Lightning 100 WRLT (still privately owned, as is the Mountain) in Nashville, as well as its modern rock sister station Thunder 94. In addition to her duties at the Mountain, Dru is a speech pathologist specializing in communication, swallowing and voice disorders.


Monday - Friday
2 - 6 PM

John D, originally from parts unknown, is a man of many interests. His interests have taken him all over the world, from studying ring-tailed lemurs in Madagascar to Germany where he worked as a crash test dummy for Mercedes Benz.

Never one to stay in one place, he has made a habit of bouncing from town to town, country to country. John D came to Birmingham in order to complete his Doctorate in Psychoneurology at the local university 3 years ago, and has since started a business catering children's imaginary tea parties. Approached by the powers that be at Birmingham Mountain Radio, John D agreed to fill the afternoon spot on two conditions: 1. He might just "up and leave" (his words) at any point, so he is not considered a long term employee and 2. Being that he is tremendously wealthy, his salary is to be donated to an organization helping those who are waiting, desperately, for an appendix transplant.

John D has been quite a music fan for many years, at one point creating the world's first electric mountain dulcimer.


10 AM - 2 PM

I'm a 1995 graduate of The University Of Alabama where I worked at the campus radio station WVUA-FM for 3 years. I worked 13 years at the record/radio research company Mediabase where I focused on the Mainstream Rock, Classic Rock, and AAA formats. I'm a Birmingham native and I've lived in the Birmingham area most of my life. I'm a fan of the University of Alabama. I'm also a huge Miami Dolphins and Los Angeles Dodgers fan. I also like long walks on the beach, dancing in the moonlight, zebra cakes,and women who.......oh wait, I thought this was the dating site "Desperate DJ's"

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